Letting The World God Define Your Beauty


We have allowed our society to let beauty mean a certain thing.

If, like me,  you type in the word “beauty” to a google or bing search to see what people really define beauty as, you’ll see tons of pictures of thin women, with long, luscious hair, powdering themselves with makeup.

I’m sure by the time you’re done going through those, you won’t feel that you’re beautiful.

You might not think there is a problem with letting the world define your beauty. After all, isn’t it what everyone is going with?

Well, here’s some problems with the world’s definition of beauty:

  1. It’s exclusive.

    Whether it’s excluding a certain group of people, or a whole bunch of people in general, this is beauty that only a chosen few are going to obtain.

    If you’ve got curly hair, beauty says it should be straight. If you’ve got straight hair, beauty says, add some curl. If you’re brown, beauty says, be white. If you’re white, beauty says, add some tan.

    The world’s beauty is always telling you your eyes aren’t right, your body shape isn’t right; it nit-picks you until you truly believe that you aren’t right.

You think that you are a mistake, an exception; that you can never be beautiful and therefore you are some kind of freak, and that carries over into your abilities too. If you’re not beautiful you probably are not smart either.

2. It’s elusive.

The world’s beauty is always telling you that you’re not enough, no matter who you are or what you look like, so it’s something nobody can ever reach.

The world has made beauty this high platform of perfection that is unattainable. Even the models of today’s beauty, in magazines, on television, in advertising, are digitally enhanced so that their picture looks different than them.

The pictures they are able to make are not humanly possible to look like.

The other thing is, if you are trying to fit other’s opinions of what you should look like, everyone will have a different opinion, and you will never please everybody.

4. The most important reason–it’s contrary to God’s opinion.

One of the best-known verses in the Bible about beauty is, “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)

God doesn’t think of beauty the way we do. He made us all and said that we are all beautiful.

Contrary to the world’s perception of beauty, God’s definition of beauty is not exclusive, because He thinks we’re all beautiful. It’s also not elusive, because He knows we are beautiful just how we are.

World beauty will never last. Our skin will wrinkle, our hair will turn gray, or fall out; and the world says, “you are no longer beautiful”.

However, because God loves our very being, because He thinks the part of us that’s beautiful is the inside, and that’s something that can be beautiful all the time, even with age.

So go through today knowing that God says you’re beautiful. Be beautiful on the inside, that never dies and is always beautiful.

Published by

Megan Tiede

Christian, homeschool graduate, pianist, artist, reader / lover of history / Pinterester / blog writer / likes cooking and gardening on the side

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