Welcome to my blog!

This is the place where I share my thoughts, projects, and inspiration as I’m on a journey to put priority on what really matters in life.

I see so many people stuck in the “rat-race” they call life; stressed out, depressed, unhappy, often lonely, and just missing out on most of the good things in life.

That’s not what I want for myself!

I’m choosing to live a happy, fulfilled, and others-focused life in and through God, and striving to make a difference in the world around me.

So please join me in my little place and maybe my thoughts and ideas will spark a revolution in your life as well, to start focusing on the things that really matter.


Some of the things that I enjoy:  My relationship with an Almighty, Everlasting God; playing Piano Guys on my piano, reading a good mystery book, popcorn and hot cocoa, and Jane Austen movies. Also spending time with my six siblings and participating in church activities. I’m a person of many talents!