IMG_5508.JPG    Welcome to Bling Elegance!

I’m Megan.

Bling Elegance is my little place on the internet. It contains thoughts, crafts, ideas, projects, and everything else of mine. I am kind of a ‘have everything’ person, so sometimes it’s hard to juggle all my hobbies! However scatter-brained my blog may seem, if you get inspired, get an idea or plan or project from it, it will have fulfilled it’s purpose.

As I said earlier, I am a ‘have everything’ person….so my interests range from medieval princesses to modern spies, the 1776 Revolution to modern, green architecture, cooking homemade tortillas to flying my brother’s mini drone. I’m like…well, I guess the only word is geek 🙂 I am a pianist, artist, gardener, cook, crafter, and Christian. I have a large family (6 siblings & 2 parents) and I’m a homeschool graduate.

This blog is my workshop…finished projects, project ideas, and just thoughts about life will all be here eventually. You’re invited to browse and hopefully you’ll find something to pique your interest!

Please, PLEASE feel free to leave me                       IMG_5510.JPG

comments–I love meeting new people!!

All the praise goes to our Lord and Heavenly Father for His Goodness and Mercy 🙂

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Megan,

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer! I came across your blog today and I really enjoyed your post about jean skirts 3 different ways. My name is Shannon, and it’s nice to meet you!

    I work for Tommy John, and we pride ourselves on providing the utmost comfort to our customers. Summer can be tough, going from that outdoor heat straight into the arctic air conditioning! There have definitely been times I regretted wearing a cute dress after I spent the day freezing in my office. I’d love to see your suggestions and tips for styling young professionals for summer days spent in the office! 🙂

    If you interested in featuring your suggestions in a blog post please let me know and I’d love to send you some more details.

    Talk soon,


  2. Enjoying reading your blog! I am definitely going to look at some of the books you’ve suggested, particularly Mayflower. Thanks for sharing!



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