Bucket List 2017 : Experiences Over Things


Me in Boston!

One of the foundation ideas of Minimalism is putting experiences over things; instead of cluttering your house with little-used things that will need to be taken care of and soon forgotten, Minimalists prefer to choose doing things they love with people they love.

But I don’t think this idea is only suited to Minimalists, nor does the growing trend of people who are spending more money on doing things than buying things.

People are realizing that there is so much more enjoyment in refraining from buying things so you can do something that will have a lasting memory or impact in your life. Continue reading

Decluttering : Ideas for Letting Go


Decluttering and Minimalism go hand in hand. In order to be a minimalist, you have to weed out all the things in your life (possessions and mindsets and habits) that keep you feeling “cluttered”.

But that doesn’t mean you have to become minimalist just because you want to declutter. For many people decluttering is just something they do every now and again to keep themselves sane (although not to the extent that most minimalists do).

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“Mini” Me (Me + Minimalism)


Minimalism. The word can mean many different things. People use it differently, people live it differently.

What it means to me is simplicity, in the fullest sense of the word. Simplicity is not empty of purpose.

Minimalism, to me, is stripping away all the things people think define us and living purposefully, and being who we really are.

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Minimalism: What it looks Like to Me


Minimalism is a hard thing to define. So many people think of it so many different ways.

I really believe minimalism is different for everyone, because it’s not a certain amount of things, a certain amount of money spent or saved, it’s living purposefully to the best of the lifestyle you want.

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Life After Decluttering : LightbyCoco

So, you decided to be minimalist, and actually de-cluttered your life! Now what?

I myself was wondering how  a minimalist would feel after getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff.

*While I haven’t purposely decluttered my life, some people would already consider me a minimalist*

Anyway, here’s some helpful tips for what to do with yourself now that you don’t have so much stuff to take care of!