When Life Keeps You Busy


Hey all! I know it’s been soooo long since I last wrote; 2017 hit and with it a huge amount of new things going on (think: church classes, new job, volunteer work, and more).

I have literally felt in the past couple weeks like I was trying to keep my sanity amidst all the pressure I was feeling to get things done.

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6 TEDxTalks You Need to Watch

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I LOVE finding a good, inspirational TEDxTalk!

These people have been there, done that, and often the there and that are something kind of unusual that not many people would think of doing!

There is always inspiration to be gained, though (you know I love inspiration!). Maybe you won’t live offline for a whole year, but is there a mindset you’ve been holding onto that maybe your life would be better off without?

Please, watch these 6 TEDxTalks. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll most likely have your eyes opened to new–and wonderful!–thoughts.

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More for Minimalism!

I could not resist; with Minimalism the new more is less, but when it comes to articles about minimalism, well,…..that’s a different story.

Learn how you can reduce stress with your money, home, and life by simplifying. Learn how you can make this year your best ever.:

If you’re just looking to simplify and not even go all-out minimalist, this post is inspiring. Nobody enjoys a crowded lifestyle; maybe it’s time you did some simplifying!

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The Difference Between “Being” and “Having”

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This world is in some kind rat-race to get. Everyone wants to have more, they want to exceed everyone else with their possessions.

They want to have the best, the most valuable, the most of all, and often at the cost of not only money, but relationships, time, character, and everyone else around them.

Does this seem to make sense? I mean, there is a lot of faulty logic to this getting (and having).

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More Minimalist Inspiration

Here are the newest minimalism posts I’ve gained inspiration from (and yes, I am working through as much of my life as I possibly can for one still at home with 8 other people 🙂 )

Are you always cleaning out your home? Find ways to keep out clutter for good: 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need (and how to avoid them): 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need

We all get this feeling sometimes like we don’t really need to buy something, but somehow we justify it….these are the justifications we tell ourselves and the problems with them.

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Decluttering : Ideas for Letting Go


Decluttering and Minimalism go hand in hand. In order to be a minimalist, you have to weed out all the things in your life (possessions and mindsets and habits) that keep you feeling “cluttered”.

But that doesn’t mean you have to become minimalist just because you want to declutter. For many people decluttering is just something they do every now and again to keep themselves sane (although not to the extent that most minimalists do).

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