Getting Rid of the Past


I pulled out a box of mine yesterday. It contained a whole bunch of stuff from years ago, colored pictures, birthday cards, encouraging letters from friends.

It was a large box full. Since I’m sorting out my life and getting rid of excess, I thought maybe I would see if there was anything I could part with.

I started emptying the box, and soon I was sitting in a pile of paper. Continue reading

Being Filled with LOVE

DSCF3356 - Copy.JPG

The greatest commandment in the Bible is to

“Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind..”  (Matthew 22:37)

and the second to

“Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39)

If these are the first and second commandments, love is an important (and powerful) thing.

But what about the days you just feel like strangling anyone who crosses your path?

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Weekend Inspiration: Lego Artist

I’ve seen this artist before, if you’ve watched the Lego Brickumentary  you’ll get a preview of his wonderful work (plus other amazing lego information!).

This video shows his great work, a true artist.

Legos are SOOOO cool. My geeky side loves them 🙂 The only thing is I don’t handle them much, because our family only has a few sets.

Be inspired to create art in whatever form you choose!

Open Your Eyes to the “Invisible”

What would happen if each of us, if all of us opened our hearts to the people we came in contact with in a day?

What if we didn’t even pay attention to the fact that that person seemed to have slept outside on a bench, that they didn’t have a home or possessions, and just talked to them as a person?

Because deep inside, we are all special, we are all the same, we all share this gift called life, and we all have the potential to make the world beautiful.

We have to pay attention to the “invisible”.