Believing God is Good…Even When He’s Not Blessing Your Life


I have the same problem as a lot of Christians. God decides to bless me with something in life and I (figuratively and sometimes literally) raise my hands and shout “Hallelujah!”, “God is good!”

But then….maybe God decides to either remove that blessing or not continue blessing me….and my hands slowly fall back to my sides. God doesn’t seem so good anymore.

We’re getting it all wrong. Why do we base God’s goodness on whether He blesses us or not?

Why do we view God as good or bad based on what He does, instead of knowing He’s good because of who He is?

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Dealing with Our Desires


There is a time in our life, for everyone, where we really want something. Most of us constantly want something.

Most of us are constantly searching for that ever-elusive thing that we absolutely need.

So, how do we deal with these desires of ours?

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