Walking Trail


We have a really cool walking trail about forty-five minutes away from our house.

It has a biking trail, walking trail, a field of flowers and wildlife, trees, and it has an old bunker and cannon from World War II.

It is so peaceful to go and walk there, although in the height of summer it’s a little too hot and there are normally quite a few tourists who stop to stretch their legs.

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Travel : Boston Day 2-3


This was like a little walkway behind Old North Church^^


So the second day of Boston, we actually visited the Boston Museum of Fine Art (Boston MFA), but no one had a camera (I just wanted to appreciate the art without taking pictures). Which we later regretted a little bit =S

You can check what they’ve got going on here : http://www.mfa.org/

I was super impressed with the Museum of Fine Art, it was a beautiful building and it was SO BIG! Definitely plan what you want to see and see that first, ’cause you won’t get through the whole building in one trip!

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Travel : Mystic, Connecticut (Part 2)


Alright…………more about Mystic!!

Well, as you can see from above, we visited Mystic Seaport. They did have a museum (check out their website to plan your visit : http://www.mysticseaport.org/ ) but we did not go in it because it was a little pricey and just not that high up on our list of “must-do”.

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