Sewing Project : Two Toned-Tote

We can thank Mommy by day Crafter by night for this tutorial for this beautiful tote 🙂

I haven’t been sewing at all. (which makes me wonder if I’ve lost all the discipline in my life?)

I think the reason is, what am I going to do with all the stuff I make? (After all, necessity is the mother of invention–which means all I’ll invent is entertainment–lol!) I mean, I have a WHOLE BIN FULL of stuff I’ve made, hoping to sell.

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Sewing Project: Circle Tote

Quilted tote.jpg I have not been sewing lately. At all. Which is horrible of me. And being the kind of person I am, I of course have an excuse: it’s just so hard to pull everything out. Like, my fabric is in a bin (which is full of fabric by the way, and most of it isn’t nice quilting cotton–sigh), and then there are crates on top of the bin, and shoes and my sewing machine and boxes around the bin, and see now you know why I haven’t been sewing.

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