The Calming Effect of Minimalism (reblog)


We all have it; the busyness of people, words, pictures, and stuff. All those voices that constantly flood our mind and thoughts with things that are often of no importance, and in fact hinder us from what we really need to be doing.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, and commercials, all telling us to add another thing to our lives, yet another voice among the flood.

But have you ever considered just stepping back? Just deciding to silence a few of those voices? Continue reading

4 Books to Add to Your Reading List (if you’re simplifying your life)


We all would do well to simplify our lives. Stress and overwork, extra stuff and disorganization lead us to live lives where we can’t enjoy the moment, where we can’t do our work the best it could be, and where we’re as miserable at home as at our over-busy work.

But we are all people of habit, and frankly, we’re used to the harried way we live. Sometimes the thought of changing it up so drastically makes us afraid.

We’ve come to view our possessions and the busyness of life as security–because when you get rid of the busyness and extra stuff–we’re forced to know who we really are, and what we really want. Continue reading

Minimalist Decor


If you just feel kind of blah this week (everyone does at the beginning of a week don’t they?), and need something to freshen up your mind (at least), why don’t you take a look at these Minimalist décor ideas?

Who knows but that maybe this weekend you’ll be hauling out some stuff and—out with the old, in with the new!

(note: I’d love to change my bedroom to a minimalist one, décor and all. But since my sister and I are on a half-half deal, I’ve got to wait until she moves out 🙂 )

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How to use the KonMari Method as a Twenty-Something (Reblog)

As a twenty-something, you probably don't have a home full of junk just yet. And that's why your 20s are the PERFECT time to start using the KonMari Method. Click through to learn how! #minimalism:

First off, I have to start by saying that I’m not even twenty yet. However, the same principles apply–I don’t have a whole house full of stuff, I only have a room (actually, half a room!).

And while I don’t agree with everything I’ve heard about the KonMari method–and I have yet to read her book–(I mean, things don’t have feelings so why thank them for their service?) I agree that paring down, getting rid of excess baggage (that literally weighs us down) and avoiding the consumerism-mindset of today is important.

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More for Minimalism!

I could not resist; with Minimalism the new more is less, but when it comes to articles about minimalism, well,…..that’s a different story.

Learn how you can reduce stress with your money, home, and life by simplifying. Learn how you can make this year your best ever.:

If you’re just looking to simplify and not even go all-out minimalist, this post is inspiring. Nobody enjoys a crowded lifestyle; maybe it’s time you did some simplifying!

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More Minimalist Inspiration

Here are the newest minimalism posts I’ve gained inspiration from (and yes, I am working through as much of my life as I possibly can for one still at home with 8 other people 🙂 )

Are you always cleaning out your home? Find ways to keep out clutter for good: 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need (and how to avoid them): 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need

We all get this feeling sometimes like we don’t really need to buy something, but somehow we justify it….these are the justifications we tell ourselves and the problems with them.

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