Letting The World God Define Your Beauty


We have allowed our society to let beauty mean a certain thing.

If, like me,  you type in the word “beauty” to a google or bing search to see what people really define beauty as, you’ll see tons of pictures of thin women, with long, luscious hair, powdering themselves with makeup.

I’m sure by the time you’re done going through those, you won’t feel that you’re beautiful.

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Women in the World (Beauty, not Body)


I know. I could go on and on about women in today’s society. In today’s world.

We let people tell us what we should be, or how we should look. The thing is, everyone’s telling us to be something different, and all with the object of making us beautiful.

What is beauty? Who gets to define this?

Why should we let male filmmakers in Hollywood tell us what we should do to be beautiful? After all, they’re only concerned with our body, our physical self. Continue reading

Joyless Expectations


The wife who expects her husband to get home and take her out for a romantic dinner, disappointed because he arrives stressed out and crashes in front of the TV.

The girl who expects to accomplish something in life, disappointed because of failure.

The man who expects to get the job promotion, disappointed because a coworker got it instead.

We all have some sort of expectations of what are life, ourselves, the people around us, should be; the only thing is our expectations are normally unrealistic daydreaming. Continue reading

Getting Rid of the Past


I pulled out a box of mine yesterday. It contained a whole bunch of stuff from years ago, colored pictures, birthday cards, encouraging letters from friends.

It was a large box full. Since I’m sorting out my life and getting rid of excess, I thought maybe I would see if there was anything I could part with.

I started emptying the box, and soon I was sitting in a pile of paper. Continue reading

*Blog Posting*

As I am trying to find a simpler life, free from other people’s expectations and from what I think other people expect of me, and not depending on the internet so much, I have decided to cut down posting on my blog to a couple days a week.

Since everyone who posts every other day posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ve decided to post Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so you’ll have something to read on those days 🙂

I love posting on here and thanks to all who are following me!!

But it’s too demanding to post every day and I don’t want to spend all my day on the internet. I want to get off the internet and really live, and put to use some of the ideas and inspiration that I’ve found on here!

Thanks to all the followers, commenters, and people who will keep up on what I’m posting–Megan =)






6 TEDxTalks You Need to Watch

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I LOVE finding a good, inspirational TEDxTalk!

These people have been there, done that, and often the there and that are something kind of unusual that not many people would think of doing!

There is always inspiration to be gained, though (you know I love inspiration!). Maybe you won’t live offline for a whole year, but is there a mindset you’ve been holding onto that maybe your life would be better off without?

Please, watch these 6 TEDxTalks. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll most likely have your eyes opened to new–and wonderful!–thoughts.

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