Valentine’s Etsy Gifts

Since I’ve been around on Etsy, that most artist-populated selling site online, I notice some of the things that ‘they’ve’ got for sale. Most of the sellers on Etsy are helpful, enthusiastic, and very accommodating, and they like working with their products. While there are the few under-the-standard shops, most are VERY professional and you can get into some pricey, pricey stuff. (HOW much for that little, eensy-weensy necklace charm?!)

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Sharing Valentine’s


I am so blessed to have been raised (and still living!) in a home where spontaneous and creative giving has been the norm. My siblings and I can just think of creative ways to bless others without hardly a thought, thanks to my Mom.

My Mom is sometimes viewed (even by myself, shamefully) as a bit strict or harsh. But she’s really not. What is viewed as strictness and harshness is a desire to see her children (all seven) be the best they possibly can be, and reach the highest heights they can. What we don’t know is just how much is possible!

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Intro to a Blog

DSCF3365I love blogs. I love the design of them. I love designs.

Yes, call me a geeky person, but I’ve wanted a blog for a long time. Just to have one of those websites with such great design, and you writing on it like a pro, and the pictures absolutely gorgeous and the whole thing interesting!

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