Bucket List 2017 : Experiences Over Things


Me in Boston!

One of the foundation ideas of Minimalism is putting experiences over things; instead of cluttering your house with little-used things that will need to be taken care of and soon forgotten, Minimalists prefer to choose doing things they love with people they love.

But I don’t think this idea is only suited to Minimalists, nor does the growing trend of people who are spending more money on doing things than buying things.

People are realizing that there is so much more enjoyment in refraining from buying things so you can do something that will have a lasting memory or impact in your life. Continue reading

When Life Keeps You Busy


Hey all! I know it’s been soooo long since I last wrote; 2017 hit and with it a huge amount of new things going on (think: church classes, new job, volunteer work, and more).

I have literally felt in the past couple weeks like I was trying to keep my sanity amidst all the pressure I was feeling to get things done.

(y’all don’t ever feel like that, do you…?) Continue reading

What’s New Around the Internet (and My Life)


There are SO many good things around the internet and going on, and we all need to focus on the positive!

So to start out the first of October rightly, this is a post full of all the good little things; think cozy and wonderful and inspiring and fun.

These are the things I’m enjoying–come take a peek and enjoy them yourself! Continue reading

Geek Out


Wouldn’t it be great to stay in the world created by books forever?

Well, since we can’t do that, we can at least add a sprinkle of our favorite characters and quotes to our everyday life!

A great place for geeky, book-fan items (everything from coasters and t-shirts to fridge magnets, scarves, mugs, jewelry, and more) is Etsy.com.

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the classic worlds of Sherlock, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, and (known primarily from the movie) The Princess Bride. Continue reading

Finding Satisfaction with Your Job


There is always the question out there, that people ask other people and we all ask ourselves : “Is it important to have a job that I love?”

We naturally think of a job we love as exactly what we want; maybe we want lots of time off, or a flexible schedule. A creative job, a job from home, a job where we are our own boss, or at least a job closer to home.

But most people are stuck in a job (or at least think they’re stuck) that totally doesn’t fit their ideal description.

Continue reading

6 People Who Benefit Greatly from Libraries


Public Libraries are just about everywhere. Wherever you live, there’s probably one, if not several, not that far away.

Free to use and browse, most of them have books, movies, audio books, and magazines and town records.

Some are new and modern, with cleanness and preciseness ruling, while others are a little old-fashioned and quaint.

While there may be some downsides to frequenting a library, there are also lots of benefits.

There are 6 people who could benefit a lot from the use of a library: Continue reading