Fall Closet Must-Haves


Fall is just about upon us, and now is the time to add a few things to your closet that will come in handy for fall and even winter.

I don’t dress with the trends, unless that’s buying things that are actually at the store at the time, so these are not just fall 2016 must-haves, but staples for any fall wardrobe.

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Fashion Inspiration : College Class

My friend has just headed off for college (like a lot of people!) and she made this beautiful outfit up on Polyvore, for a college class.

Of course, it’s cool enough that I would wear it wherever, but if you ARE going to a college class, use it for inspiration.

Pretty and yet with a casual feel. Sunglasses are always good =)

That tasseled clutch is really interesting. I consider it the main point of this outfit, combining the interesting color combo and the plain leather.

What do you think?

College Class


Fashion Inspiration : Travel Wear

I don’t think my friend on Polyvore thought of travel when she created this one, but that’s all I can see when I look at it!

It’s the coolest outfit–with a hint of rugged but still on the chic side, especially with that ring and the sunglasses.

I adore the backpack! I just have this love of backpacks. I only have one, but I always want everyone else’s. Maybe because they have so many pockets they can stay organized, and you can fit just about everything in them.

The next coolest thing really is the shirt–it’s great. Sometimes I think printed t-shirts look sloppy, but this one really does look chic.



What do you think about this outfit?

Fashion Inspiration : Everyday Girl

This is another beautiful outfit from my friend on Polyvore!

With warmer weather continuing into a few more months where I live, there’s still plenty of opportunity for coffee dates, shopping, going to the beach, all sorts of fun with friends.

I love this super-girly outfit, loaded with pink and a heart as the main focus.

It’s glamorous everyday wear, and something you can recreate in your wardrobe!

*especially love the sunglasses. I have this weird love of sunglasses, but I limit myself to two*




What do you think about it?

Fashion Inspiration : Jeans Skirts, 3 Ways

So, you know I normally just post one outfit from Polyvore.

Well, today I have a special for you : 3 outfits that showcase jean skirts (they’re always in, if you’re worried about fads).

They are summery, cool, and casual.

What one is your favorite?

  1. Shopping


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Fashion Inspiration : karebearbeauty

Okay, so I was glad to see my friend on Polyvore!

We share a sense of fashion, so I thought I’d bring to your attention a really cute outfit of hers.

This is semi-casual and is an outfit I’d wear anytime even though she’s labeled it “Teacher” =)

I love, love, love the striped shirt. Also the color of the sweater.

The shoes I would have a little shorter (don’t like such high shoes 🙂 ).

The purse/ bag is classy and simply stylish.




Check out the rest of her fashions here : http://karebearbeauty.polyvore.com/

Fashion Inspiration : Classy Red, White, & Blue

I didn’t plan on picking an outfit of patriotic colors so close to the 4th of July =)

But I saw this outfit and was intrigued by the sense of style.

It’s sure to make you look well put together and classy!

Pleated skirt with bright red belt. Striped shirt, solid blue blazer.

Then you’ve got the striped and solid purse, the interesting blue-and-gold twist earrings and bracelet, and the classic-style red heels.

What do you think? Get some inspiration and put together a red, white and blue outfit from your closet–to wear on 4th of July–or maybe it will be classy enough (like this one) to wear anytime!

Pleated Skirt