My Artwork


A thank you card I made for my grandparents.


So, maybe you’ll like to check out some of the art I’ve created in the past years?

When I was around 8, my sister and I participated in our homeschool group art class. I was really horrible back then at art (I used a WHOLE tube of watercolor paint on one piece of paper–my sister was furious), at least it got my creativity working around art.

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Watercolor Fun!


Okay, so I have a question for you all : I finished these watercolor cards recently and it was SO much fun to make them!

What I wonder is, how many of you would buy cards like these? Do you like them? Have you seen a lot of cards that are similar?

I would be SO appreciative if you left me a comment with your thoughts!!

And to move on to more watercolor fun….

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My Projects + A Download


This is my latest project; a watercolor card for Mother’s Day.

It was very easy to create; all I did was paint a few light colors of watercolor in random patterns on a watercolor card (wet in wet). Then I took my amaza pens and drew a freehand flower over it (when it was dry!) with some lines thicker than others that imparts a kind of Chinese calligraphy feel to it.

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20 Beautiful Watercolor Projects

I paint once in awhile; way too irregularly. But I was on Pinterest yesterday (I’m always on pinterest) and I was inspired by one of the projects in this set of 20. I haven’t done it yet, but I thought I would share these projects, since they’re so lovely.

Maybe you’ll be inspired too!

20 Beautiful Watercolor Projects |

Source: 20 Beautiful Watercolor Projects

Artist Supplies



I work with different medias: I use watercolor, pencil, marker, crayon, oil, basically, I love experimenting with things–and I’m by no means done! (I’m planning an oil painting with some paper collage)

There is just something so freeing in throwing caution, instruction, ‘how-you’re-supposed-to’ to the wind and winging it. Unfortunately, I have a hard time doing that. I’m not a passionate love-or-hate person, so I don’t have the naturally artistic personality. I just have talent and have to work hard at creatively displaying what I want to convey.

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