Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-19-18

Yet another week’s Monday Mixup.

I have to confess, I’m finding it hard to keep up the inspirational stuff because my mind is just so taken up with travel plans for later this year! (whoo-whoo!)

I will be traveling to Africa this August and I’m literally sooo excited but I’m also nervous because I’ve never flown before (yeah, so I decided to take a ten-day trip? It’s all good).

So I’m finding articles like this really helpful as I prepare for my trip:

Or this one:

22 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight - great tips how to get quickly through security and arrive refreshed to your next destination. #CzechPragueOut


On my to-buy list? This, highly impractical but so darn cute plush. The size is everything, folks.

Image result for giant stitch plush

And then there’s this awesome idea picture for Anne of Green Gables outfits! I’ve adored her clothes ever since I was little. (Can we resurrect 20th century clothes like this?)

"Anne Of Green Gables!3" by cesmithe ❤ liked on PolyvoreI was introduced to this comedy Youtube channel that is hilarious! They have very clean videos that are still laugh-worthy. Check it out!

And finally, a cool post on girls’ night ideas!

25 Things to Do for Girls' Night


Okay, guys leave me a comment to know how you enjoyed this week’s Monday Mixup!

If you have something interesting you’ve found online or a picture you’ve taken that you want to share on Monday Mixup, feel free to email me :


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