4 Cute Half-Up Hairdos for the Lazy Days


We all experience those days. Those days when your hair won’t lay right to save your life. Too flat, too poufy, etc., etc.,….whatever it is, it won’t cooperate enough for you to walk out the door looking like that.

Society needs to change it’s expectations, don’t you think?

Well, until that happens, here are some hairdos to keep you presentable. Half-ups, because those are always the best for the worst hair days, I find.1. The Bow.


☪Pinterest → FrenchFanGirl ☼

Simple, cute, and sophisticated, all at once. Find the step by step here and more hairstyles.

2. The Pinned Up.

To get this beautiful pinned half updo, follow this step-by-step hair tutorial. It’s a pretty style to wear to your next holiday party if you have long to medium length hair.ewwr344

This one is so…elegant.

3. Duchess Catherine.

Duchess Catherine Did Something Adorable to Her Hair That You're Going to Need to Copy ASAP

I’ve always loved Kate’s style, but never considered styling my hair after hers…..until I found this one.

4. Tuck and Cover.

Tuck and Cover Half - Hairstyle Tutorial - Style Estate -

And this cute idea! How easy.

Those are just a couple ideas to get you inspired with hairstyles.

Hopefully it will help you deal with your messy hair days with style!

What are your favorite hair tips?

Leave me a comment! I love to hear from you!!





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