Monday Mixup : Inspiring Your Week 2-12-18 |Valentine’s Edition|


Another week’s Monday Mixup…..drumroll……the special Valentine’s Edition! *cheers*

I am pulling ideas from all over the internet for this so you can make sure you have a LOVE-ly Valentine’s this year.

Some of the stuff will be ideas for couples or celebrating with your special person, but I will also include some things for the singles (like me!) who have to find a creative way to celebrate Valentine’s by themselves.

Couple Heart Hot Air Balloon Card - 25+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards -

First things first….card ideas! A card is the most chosen way to show (and share) your affection. You can find 25 + ideas here and surely you’ll find a suitable card for that someone.

Show your love! 35 Sweet Valentine’s Day Couple Photo Ideas! A Casual Date

And, of course, make sure you get some cute photos! This is some inspiration for 35 photo ideas for Valentine’s couples.

This post has some ideas for a single hanging out with friends on Valentine’s (who says we can’t still have fun just because we’re single??).

Anndd also from the same website is Valentine’s Day Makeup ideas!

This song is to remind us of the ultimate Lover of all of us. You ARE loved.


This post has some wonderful, different date ideas for Valentine’s couples. (Also check out the rest of Phylicia’s blog as she has great posts about relationships, sex, and singleness!)

I love this down-to-earth talk with Lizzie about dating (dating and Valentine’s go together, right?).

Free, Valentine's Day Ecard: I am single on Valentine's Day because I have not yet met someone who can handle all of my awesome.This ^^ totally true quote about Valentine’s ^^.

There is so much good inspiration out there for Valentine’s, I’ve only scratched the surface. But I hope this is enough to give you some new ideas and allow you to get extra creative this year.

Alright folks, what are you up to on Valentine’s?

What ideas do you have for singles or couples?

Let me know in the comments!


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