Bucket List 2017 : Experiences Over Things


Me in Boston!

One of the foundation ideas of Minimalism is putting experiences over things; instead of cluttering your house with little-used things that will need to be taken care of and soon forgotten, Minimalists prefer to choose doing things they love with people they love.

But I don’t think this idea is only suited to Minimalists, nor does the growing trend of people who are spending more money on doing things than buying things.

People are realizing that there is so much more enjoyment in refraining from buying things so you can do something that will have a lasting memory or impact in your life.One day I thought about the fact that if I just saved some of my money instead of buying a whole bunch of little things I didn’t need, I could actually accomplish some of the bigger things that I’ve always dreamed of doing! (astonishing, right?)

There are so many amazing things you can do that will give you lasting memories. It could be as simple as going out to lunch with a friend at a new restaurant, or it could be reserving tickets for a Piano Guys concert in town (I missed out when they visited a nearby area, since I didn’t have money saved up =I )


Me visiting Peacefield

My grandparents took me on a trip to Boston several years ago. Even though I don’t remember all the things we did specifically, every year I still have a longing to go back to Boston and remember how amazing it was!

My family also has a place where we love to go and try to at least once a year. Called The Genesee Country Village & Museum, it is a historical site where they’ve transplanted old houses with lots of interesting history, and you can tour them.


An old church building at the Genesee Country Village & Museum

The last time we visited the Museum, they even hosted Hersha Prady (the actress who plays Mrs. Jonathan Garvey in the Little House on the Prarie television series). We got to take a picture with her and have her autograph =)

There are tons of these little, or not-so-little things, that I can look back on with fondness; and those are the things I want to keep doing. I can accumulate a whole houseful of stuff, but at the end of the day, the things I’m going to view as successful are the things that I’ve made memories and gained experience by.

So with all that said, what’s my bucket list for 2017?

Well,…is it okay to say “not really sure?”

It’s the perfect time to make a bucket list, though, with the new year just under way.

So I’ll give it a try.

For 2017, I’d like to accomplish at least one if not all of the following:

  • A trip back to Boston (of course =) and a stop by NYC since I’ve never been there.
  • A trip up to Western New York to visit friends and relatives
  • A day trip with friends to Chincoteague Island
  • Biking path trip

And more generically, more concerts and maybe starting up piano lessons again?

If you’re like me and you don’t have much idea about what you want to do, head on over to Eventbrite to check out what’s going on in your area! You can search by area or category, or set up your own personalized event here.

What are your ideas and thoughts about experiences over things?

What’s your 2017 bucket list? Leave me a comment!

* This is not a sponsored post*


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