Geek Out


Wouldn’t it be great to stay in the world created by books forever?

Well, since we can’t do that, we can at least add a sprinkle of our favorite characters and quotes to our everyday life!

A great place for geeky, book-fan items (everything from coasters and t-shirts to fridge magnets, scarves, mugs, jewelry, and more) is

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the classic worlds of Sherlock, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, and (known primarily from the movie) The Princess Bride.SHERLOCK quote hoodie / Sherlock Holmes

This super-cool hoodie with Sherlock’s best-known quote is perfect for a man or a woman who loves the fandom of the BBC series Sherlock or for someone like me who just loves the book.

Or if you’re a girly girl you could wear this instead:

Sherlock Holmes Literature Skirt, Book Skirt, By Rooby Lane

Flouncy and chic, but still showing your geeky side. How cool is it?!

I adore this necklace–again, Sherlock’s most quotable quote:

Eliminated The Impossible Necklace - Sherlock Holmes Jewelry - Book Quote Brass Bar Pendant - Genius Gift Idea - Sherlock Gifts Under 35

It’s simple and striking–and just a really cool way to “wear Sherlock”.

Jane Austen’s world is definitely more feminine and not so easily adapted to our time, but these couple things really show off her style while being usable now:

Jane Austen Books Coaster Set - Neoprene 6 Piece Set

Are these not the cutest coasters you’ve ever seen? They look just like mini, old-fashioned books. I might feel bad about setting my cup on them =)

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

A printed scarf is a great way to incorporate book charm into a modern life. This one is so pretty, and it would look really chic paired with a modern outfit.

jane austen paper, writing paper, illustrated envelopes, writing set, jane austen papers, jane austens house

For those who are still old-fashioned enough to write letters, this Austen writing paper is really cool. It’s stamped with images and quotes, looking just like something one of her heroines would have written on.

Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities - Big Ben Eiffel Tower London Bridge Book Lover Gift Idea Library Decor Bookish Decor English Author

What about this wall art for a Dickens fan? A Tale of Two Cities is his best-loved work, and this cool picture combines the features of both cities.

Great Expectations Bracelet - Charles Dickens Literary Brass Cuff - Book Lover Jewelry - English Teacher Gift

This bracelet is SO cool! With a quote from Great Expectations, a true Dickens fan would love this–like me =)

As for Louisa May Alcott, there is not quite as much to be found, partly because she did not produce as many works as Dickens and Austen.

But never fear! If you’re a Little Women geek, there are some things for you:

Mug Quote: I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my Louisa May Alcott. Little Women. Handpainted. Porcelain whimsical

What about this mug? It’s such a good way to showcase a quote and the little illustration is adorable.

Or you could simply pin on a button to show your affection:
Little Women button, hand lettering pin

I love the colors of these ^^ and the calligraphy-style writing.

And last, but never least, those of us who are ever entranced with the classic The Princess Bride would love to own one of these things:
Princess Bride Poster, As You Wish, Princess Bride Quote, Love Quote, Princess Bride Print, Westley, Giclee, Art Print, Typography

Wall art, plain and simple. The best quote of all time, just about–especially if you know what it really means =)

As You Wish | Glass Necklace Pendant | Princess Bride Quote | Gift Idea | Velvet Choker | Key Ring | The Princess Bride | Quote | Westley

Same quote, different setting. This is neat and antique looking and just like a geeky book-lover’s piece of jewelry.

Princess Bride Funny Shirt - Inconceivable - Dread Pirate Roberts - Mens - Womens - Gift - Birthday - As You Wish

Again, this shirt is unisex so for whoever in your life just loves the word “inconceivable” (and the story behind it).

What do you think of these geek-indulgence things?

What would you add to the list? What do you love about the list?




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