Walking Trail


We have a really cool walking trail about forty-five minutes away from our house.

It has a biking trail, walking trail, a field of flowers and wildlife, trees, and it has an old bunker and cannon from World War II.

It is so peaceful to go and walk there, although in the height of summer it’s a little too hot and there are normally quite a few tourists who stop to stretch their legs.


One end of the bunker

The old bunkers did not get much use; and they never had to use the cannon. But there they stand, a monument to the fact that the World Wars really did penetrate every part of our country.

There is two observation decks; one is way up high in the middle of the place, and you can see all over.

The other is closer to the water and you can see Fisherman’s island from it and the inlet of the Atlantic ocean.


It is so gorgeous to see the water with marshy grass and herons standing poised at the edge.


It’s definitely a great place to enjoy a little nature and get some exercise!

Where do you like to walk or get in touch with nature?



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