The Calming Effect of Minimalism (reblog)


We all have it; the busyness of people, words, pictures, and stuff. All those voices that constantly flood our mind and thoughts with things that are often of no importance, and in fact hinder us from what we really need to be doing.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, and commercials, all telling us to add another thing to our lives, yet another voice among the flood.

But have you ever considered just stepping back? Just deciding to silence a few of those voices?Most of us can’t completely silence the voice of advertisements, but we could stop receiving that magazine of outdoor gear that we never buy.

We can’t get rid of all our possessions, but we could get rid of that sweater that we never wear, the two extra cd players, the movie we really didn’t like well enough to watch again.

Here’s an article about the calming effect of minimalism; the calm that follows silencing some of those voices, and steps to do it:





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