Women in the World (Beauty, not Body)


I know. I could go on and on about women in today’s society. In today’s world.

We let people tell us what we should be, or how we should look. The thing is, everyone’s telling us to be something different, and all with the object of making us beautiful.

What is beauty? Who gets to define this?

Why should we let male filmmakers in Hollywood tell us what we should do to be beautiful? After all, they’re only concerned with our body, our physical self. We say that we would rather be defined by our personality, our wit, anything else than our body, because we realize that people hold up an unattainable image of “beauty” for us to reach.

But we buy into the same mindset as everyone else.

Here are two great articles about stopping objectification of women, and how we need to stop doing it ourselves.

Dear Girl, How to Stop Men, Magazines & the Media From Getting to Decide if You’re Beautiful

If You Want to Be Known for Your Brain, Stop Qualifying Yourself By Your Body

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