Joyless Expectations


The wife who expects her husband to get home and take her out for a romantic dinner, disappointed because he arrives stressed out and crashes in front of the TV.

The girl who expects to accomplish something in life, disappointed because of failure.

The man who expects to get the job promotion, disappointed because a coworker got it instead.

We all have some sort of expectations of what are life, ourselves, the people around us, should be; the only thing is our expectations are normally unrealistic daydreaming.Goals are fine; we all need something to keep us on track.

But expectations?

What do you expect?

I had a wonderful revelation while reading Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts : a Devotional”.

Here’s a quote from it that sums up the thought:

One of my favorites from "One Thousand Gifts":

Imagine if the husband arrived home, and the wife, not expecting anything, was much more prepared to deal with a stressed out husband and an evening at home.

Imagine if the girl just had goals, and did not expect to succeed at everything. She could more easily get up again after failure.

Or what if the man expecting the job promotion wasn’t expecting it? He could continue happily filling his current  position.

Expectations do kill our joy.

Expectations kill relationships, too.

We are much more happy with–surprised with, even—life if we don’t expect things.

The letter from a friend, the surprise dinner out, a bouquet of flowers, a smile, a hug; these things become so much more significant as unexpected blessings.

So what are your thoughts? I think we need to expect less, from ourselves, life, God, and those around us.


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