Stopping The Objectification of Women (a reblog)


One thing I hate and I want to change is the way women are viewed. Because I am one.

It has been wonderful and freeing to realize my value doesn’t lie in people’s opinions of me, but in God’s opinion of me, and He loves me and values me highly.

About every single  woman in my acquaintance struggles with accepting who she is , in some way.

The worst thing is the problems with women have infiltrated the church, with both genders contributing to the mindset.

The thing I didn’t really think about was on the side of men. Are they objectified, in a different way?

The thing is, the objectification of women is rampant, and it’s what’s promoted in media, Hollywood, and all over in our culture. Because it’s something out in the open, it’s something that people are working to fight.

But what about the men? Their objectification isn’t as obvious as women, so there are fewer people that realize it’s even a thing.

I love this post and encourage you to read it!

Find it here :

What are your thoughts on our culture and objectification?



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