How-To : Modern Calligraphy


So this isn’t something I’ve been up to, but her tutorials are SO good I have to share them with you!

I love the look of calligraphy, probably because I like art and I like history, and calligraphy is something that’s been around for ages.

If you haven’t been to , head over there. On the home page you’ll find about, workshops, etc.  Then on the blog section Lindsay has posted lots of great tutorials for learning calligraphy (modern style) yourself!I’m especially inspired by this article ( ) that is a step-by-step for learning calligraphy.

She also has a lot about improving your calligraphy, or trying different techniques (think watercolor calligraphy).

I’ve been trying a bit of ‘faux calligraphy’ with a pen and paper since I don’t have a calligraphy pen and nibs and all.

Check out her posts and make some art or (one of my favorite things!) specially addressed envelopes to send to someone in the mail.

What’s your favorite calligraphy project?


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