Finding Satisfaction with Your Job


There is always the question out there, that people ask other people and we all ask ourselves : “Is it important to have a job that I love?”

We naturally think of a job we love as exactly what we want; maybe we want lots of time off, or a flexible schedule. A creative job, a job from home, a job where we are our own boss, or at least a job closer to home.

But most people are stuck in a job (or at least think they’re stuck) that totally doesn’t fit their ideal description.

Should they leave it? Should you pursue something that’s ideal?

The problem is, I don’t know if there is such a thing as “ideal”. We change, circumstances change, and whatever we thought would be just perfect often becomes not-so-perfect. Does that mean we keep dropping jobs whenever they become not-ideal?

What if we don’t need a job we “love”? What if how we viewed the job has everything to do with our performance, instead of how much we think it’s perfect?

I just found this amazing article from Joshua Becker, talking about another article he read.

And he suggests, maybe we just need a shift in mindset.

Read it here :





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