6 People Who Benefit Greatly from Libraries


Public Libraries are just about everywhere. Wherever you live, there’s probably one, if not several, not that far away.

Free to use and browse, most of them have books, movies, audio books, and magazines and town records.

Some are new and modern, with cleanness and preciseness ruling, while others are a little old-fashioned and quaint.

While there may be some downsides to frequenting a library, there are also lots of benefits.

There are 6 people who could benefit a lot from the use of a library:

The Bookworm.

This is an obvious person. They just love books! In fact, they can never get enough of them. They really might spend way too much money on books in a year, and a public library could afford them access to tons of books without the cost.

The downside is if they’re a possessive person, they’re probably just going to want to own all the books they read anyway =)

The Intellectual.

They’re always thinking, and they crave knowledge. They want to know more, and more, and more, and not just know, but question, and where better to get knowledge than books? They get excited at the thought of all the wisdom all the books in the library could contain.

The Minimalist.

They might love reading, but….where to put all those books? Well, if they have access to a library, they can only keep the few books they’ll read over and over that are absolute must-haves and check out books to read once or so at the library. Clean and simple, just like they like it.

The Highly-Social Person.

Where’s the party? Because they’re sure to be there! Why not at the library? Lots of locals use the library, and in a big library, where you’re not likely to just bump into someone you know amidst bookshelves, they often have social areas or lounges where people can congregate. If they like books, well, so much the better.

The Community-Centered Person.

Kind of like the highly social, only this person is specifically concerned with community. They like their community, want to build it up and watch it grow, and a library is a great place to get in touch with your community. Visit with locals, support the library and, if they want to go a step farther, volunteer to work there.

The Frugal One.

This person can really pinch a penny. At least they try. And even if they’re an avid bookworm, they can’t justify the expensive of all the books they want to read, especially if it’s a book they’re not sure if they like or not. The fact that the books at the library are free makes them able to branch out in their reading to stuff they wouldn’t normally read.


So what do you think? Did I accurately describe these people?

Did I miss a type of person that would benefit from a library?


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