Travel : Boston Day 2-3


This was like a little walkway behind Old North Church^^


So the second day of Boston, we actually visited the Boston Museum of Fine Art (Boston MFA), but no one had a camera (I just wanted to appreciate the art without taking pictures). Which we later regretted a little bit =S

You can check what they’ve got going on here :

I was super impressed with the Museum of Fine Art, it was a beautiful building and it was SO BIG! Definitely plan what you want to see and see that first, ’cause you won’t get through the whole building in one trip!


This was an adorable rooftop garden in the little walkway behind Old North church


We also tried one of the restaurants in the museum and the food was great. It also saves time because you don’t have to leave the building.


Here’s a good pic of the walkway.


After that, we got a pastry at Mike’s, which is a must-stop, as long as you don’t mind a lot of people–we went in the middle of some sort of parade, so there were people everywhere =) (Mike’s– )


Me in the midst of the parade outside Mike’s.


It’s an adorable little shop in the middle of Little Italy and the pastries range from decorative and fancy to a little plainer, but they all seemed delicious.

The best thing is that Old North Church is just a little ways from Mike’s, so you can hop right over very easily (minus a parade=)


Old North Church was magnificent, and it was a great historic place to go!

But first, this is the 3rd day now, and we hopped a trolley (with a pass which allowed us to ride any–they had stops around Boston with a map that showed you where you could be picked up) to Old North Church (from Boston Harbor).

They still hold Sunday morning services, but we were a little late and a little early. As a side, they have a really cute gift shop with great things to buy .

Then we went on to Paul Revere’s House, which is very close. They didn’t allow any pictures there, but it was great to go through his house. ( )


On to the USS Constitution! We actually took a tour of the ship. It was quite a ways away from Paul Revere’s House and Old North Church, but with the trolley pass it was very easy to get to.

You could go on three decks, I believe, and it was great! I think it was taken to be serviced, so I don’t think it’s available to go on right now.

The next stop was Newbury Street, famed for expensive shopping. It was a great hot-spot, there was plenty of people traffic, Starbuck’s, and, of course, shopping.

Some of it was more affordable (Anthropologie) and some of it was very expensive, but not a lot of shops were open on Sunday around 5:00 p.m. (which is fine, because I really wasn’t going to buy anything!). It was fun just to walk down the street.

Parking at Boston Commons (or underneath, rather!) was a little more difficult than our “usual” parking near the Harbor. But it was accomplished =)

These ^ ^ are random pics from Boston Gardens, with the beautiful foliage and bridge and all. This is where the Swan Boats are (which we did not ride on).


And there we said our goodbye to Boston, although I’m definitely finding time to go back there someday!!

I think I remembered everything, there was lots of walking and little shopping and eating that I don’t remember exactly where we were, or what is cost or anything, this is just a little glimpse at the things we did.

Keep on checking back for more travel posts! I’ve got a few days in Connecticut that I’ll post about!!





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