4 Books to Add to Your Reading List (if you’re simplifying your life)


We all would do well to simplify our lives. Stress and overwork, extra stuff and disorganization lead us to live lives where we can’t enjoy the moment, where we can’t do our work the best it could be, and where we’re as miserable at home as at our over-busy work.

But we are all people of habit, and frankly, we’re used to the harried way we live. Sometimes the thought of changing it up so drastically makes us afraid.

We’ve come to view our possessions and the busyness of life as security–because when you get rid of the busyness and extra stuff–we’re forced to know who we really are, and what we really want. Continue reading

Getting Rid of the Past


I pulled out a box of mine yesterday. It contained a whole bunch of stuff from years ago, colored pictures, birthday cards, encouraging letters from friends.

It was a large box full. Since I’m sorting out my life and getting rid of excess, I thought maybe I would see if there was anything I could part with.

I started emptying the box, and soon I was sitting in a pile of paper. Continue reading

Fashion Inspiration : Travel Wear

I don’t think my friend on Polyvore thought of travel when she created this one, but that’s all I can see when I look at it!

It’s the coolest outfit–with a hint of rugged but still on the chic side, especially with that ring and the sunglasses.

I adore the backpack! I just have this love of backpacks. I only have one, but I always want everyone else’s. Maybe because they have so many pockets they can stay organized, and you can fit just about everything in them.

The next coolest thing really is the shirt–it’s great. Sometimes I think printed t-shirts look sloppy, but this one really does look chic.



What do you think about this outfit?

Stopping The Objectification of Women (a reblog)


One thing I hate and I want to change is the way women are viewed. Because I am one.

It has been wonderful and freeing to realize my value doesn’t lie in people’s opinions of me, but in God’s opinion of me, and He loves me and values me highly.

About every single  woman in my acquaintance struggles with accepting who she is , in some way. Continue reading

How-To : Modern Calligraphy


So this isn’t something I’ve been up to, but her tutorials are SO good I have to share them with you!

I love the look of calligraphy, probably because I like art and I like history, and calligraphy is something that’s been around for ages.

If you haven’t been to https://thepostmansknock.com/ , head over there. On the home page you’ll find about, workshops, etc.  Then on the blog section Lindsay has posted lots of great tutorials for learning calligraphy (modern style) yourself! Continue reading

Finding Satisfaction with Your Job


There is always the question out there, that people ask other people and we all ask ourselves : “Is it important to have a job that I love?”

We naturally think of a job we love as exactly what we want; maybe we want lots of time off, or a flexible schedule. A creative job, a job from home, a job where we are our own boss, or at least a job closer to home.

But most people are stuck in a job (or at least think they’re stuck) that totally doesn’t fit their ideal description.

Continue reading