Travel : First Glimpse of Boston



I know, this ^^ picture isn’t Boston, but just outside Boston, at the birthplace of John Adams  (yes, we got to visit there!).

I’m excited to continue sharing my trip!

So let me show you what we did:


This is the Adams birthplace. We actually rode a trolley tour that took us here, to the other Adam’s house (right next door to this one, but I didn’t get a good picture) and Peacefield.

You can get info about the tours (and plan your own visit) here:


The houses were SO much fun to see, and it was awesome (or awe-inspiring!) to walk where the Adams family actually lived. They didn’t let us take pictures inside, but you got to see quite a bit in all three houses (plus you got inside the old library!! Maybe my favorite =) ).

Definitely worth it!


That’s me in front of Peacefield gate ^^ The house was so stately and beautiful, not to mention the grounds!

The gardens were beautiful, to the side of Peacefield, and there were paths and trees and it just was amazing.

If it sounds like I’m raving on about Peacefield, I guess it’s because I am =) I would definitely visit it again, the ride on the trolley was great and fun, the tour guides were nice, and like I said, the houses and gardens were surely worth the entrance fee. Plus, if you have a national park pass, you either get in free or get a discount (I can’t remember which one) .


Well, after we finished the tour, we just had to see Boston that day. We ended up taking a harbor tour in addition to visiting Quincy Market (shopping extraordinaire and also like, the central spot of Boston).

But, I’ll add, before we went on to Boston we stopped for lunch (because we were so hungry–recommendation of a park ranger) at Gunther Tooties (here : which I liked my bagel sandwich just fine and it was right down the road from the tour start and finish.


It was kind of hard to take pictures in the tour boat ^^ and the glass windows were smudged >S

It was fun to be in such a busy, bustling place, and there was plenty of tourists, even though it was August!

There was plenty of street performers and different things going on. There was shopping opportunities, everywhere; and trolleys to take you wherever you wanted. We did drive into Boston (the traffic was not too bad; just watch out for one way streets =)) and even found parking pretty near Quincy market (which is pretty close to the Harbor).

Well, that was our first day–keep checking for more on Boston from me!!


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