Interior Design Love : Apartment Tours


I have this love of apartments. Well decorated ones. And most of my favorites are in NYC.

I can only admire them while I don’t have an apartment of my own, but there are lots of ideas (decoration and placement) that you can pull from these beauties and use in your own space!

Whether it’s the color palette, a piece of furniture, or a wall treatment, I’m sure you’ll find something to love about these chic, girly apartments.

So! first one up ^^ check it out here :

Dria Murphy's New York City Home Tour #theeverygirl

Then go over to here ( ) and look at the beautiful interior!

Attach a curtain to the backside of the bookcase to let in light & cover for privacy when needed?:

And probably my absolute favorite ^^ ( )

If you haven’t seen Jackie’s blog, run over here– –because it’s amazing!

Heloise McKee's Washington, D.C. Apartment Tour  #theeverygirl

And last, but definitely not least, is this gorgeous DC apartment :

That should be enough inspiration to spark all of your creative thoughts!

Make sure to read the tours too–they’re very interesting =)

And for more inspiration, check out more of my interior design / home décor on Pinterest :

Didn’t these ladies do a fabulous job? Which apartment is your favorite?


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