Travel : Mystic, Connecticut (Part 2)


Alright…………more about Mystic!!

Well, as you can see from above, we visited Mystic Seaport. They did have a museum (check out their website to plan your visit : ) but we did not go in it because it was a little pricey and just not that high up on our list of “must-do”.



Here’s a couple more cute pictures of the actual little town of Mystic that I didn’t fit in to the last post:

The drawbridge, that’s quite old, was a huge deal for all the tourists, so everyone was very happy when it had to go up to let a boat through =)

The town itself was just so cute and with the salty air blowing through it, it was fun to walk around.


After visiting the town of Mystic, we went to Olde Mistick Village (here: ) because it seemed to be very popular and a place everyone wanted to visit.


The landscaping and paths were actually kind of cute, but not enough to go for!


Well, we weren’t very impressed at all. Like I said, I’m not one for cheap tourist attractions, and that’s exactly what Olde Mistick Village was (you live and learn, right? I’ve learned not to go to Olde Mistick village!!).

The best thing we got there was fudge. Even the ice cream we ate tasted cheap =S


But anyway, Olde Mistick Village is basically a whole collection of shops that sell anything you can think of. Very tourist-y indeed.

If you’re wondering about travel accomodations we stayed at the Mystic KOA while we were there. I found the KOA’s we stayed at to be pretty good, and enjoyed having a camper instead of renting a cabin or hotel room.

That was all the days we spent in Mystic. There was more to keep you exploring in the surrounding area, but you have to look hard to get past the tourist attractions .

Keep checking back as I’ll continue posting about my 2014 trip, going on to Boston and other areas of CT!!



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