My Artwork


A thank you card I made for my grandparents.


So, maybe you’ll like to check out some of the art I’ve created in the past years?

When I was around 8, my sister and I participated in our homeschool group art class. I was really horrible back then at art (I used a WHOLE tube of watercolor paint on one piece of paper–my sister was furious), at least it got my creativity working around art.


This is a painting I made for my dad.


We had some acrylic paint and pastels that we used at home, until one day they were gone! —and, we didn’t buy anymore (I’m not sure why….).

Fast forward to my 14 birthday! My siblingsĀ  surprised me with a watercolor paint set. I hadn’t painted in years, but I eagerly looked forward to getting some artwork done.

I don’t know what happened, I just started painting, without really knowing what’s what. My grandma did get me some watercolor books a little later on, and some better supplies.


This was painted from Terry Harrison’s landscape book.


And here I am! While I’m not an expert, and my paintings are not masterpieces, I love painting and it’s been fun to experiment with different techniques.

I’ve even gone on to try oil–which I love the way it looks, the only downside is it’s SO messy!


This was also painted from a Terry Harrison book.



This is a painting of the Chesapeake bay.

Are you an artist? What do you like to paint with, and what do you like to paint?

Check out some of my more recent artwork here :


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