When It’s Raining On Your Life


I can see the rain pouring down outside of our windows. Here on the East Coast, it feels like a tropical storm.

I always tend to get slightly depressed by rainy days. I don’t know why, because I love the way everything outside turns so bright, vivid green after a shower.

But it’s the same way with rain in our lives. Don’t you ever have a rainy day? Where something is ruined, something is spoiled, and it just makes you miserable?

Perhaps you were supposed to go to a party with friends, and you were looking forward to it all week. And then–the dread–you wake up one morning and you’re sick (or maybe a sibling is–story of my life 🙂 )

It’s raining.

Or maybe it’s even just a spiritual thing. You’ve been praying and struggling and fighting to be joyful, and then–depression strikes, and it feels like you’ve lost all the ground that you just won.

It’s raining.

You are always trying to find the balance in your relationships, and you think everything’s finally balanced out, and then the other person says something hurtful and maybe the wound you got will never heal completely, maybe you will be scarred forever.

It’s raining.

The rain comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s very harmful (something spiritual or relational) or sometimes it’s less harmful (like a ruined party) but feelings are still involved.

The thing is, we all have rainy days. We all have days where we have to deal with stuff we don’t want to deal with, and a lot of times, we think we’ve done something wrong.

We think that we’ve brought the rain down on our own heads.

But you know what? Sometimes the rain is a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes God is teaching you something.

Sometimes God is preparing you for something else.

Sometimes God is opening your eyes to His Love.

Sometimes God is protecting you from something.

Sometimes God is letting you know that He is enough.

Sometimes God is showing you, that after the rain comes the green, the new growth.

We don’t understand God’s plans for us, because they are so complex, all-inclusive and infinitely better than we could think.

And God would rather make us holy for eternity, than happy for a moment of this temporal life.

But Psalm 84 : 11 (which has been my life verse) says, “The LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

God’s promise is to always work things out for good. He works in ways we cannot see and cannot comprehend, but we need to trust Him.

We may lose ground for a day, we may even give up the fight in our distress, but if we trust Him and believe, God will bring us to new heights in Him.

Don’t pray for the rain to go away. Pray for God’s will to be accomplished in the rain, and you will see the new growth of green afterwards.




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