7 Tips for Putting Together an Outfit

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So, you may wonder sometimes how some people always seem to look like they bought their clothes as a matching outfit when it’s five different companies combined.

I have a couple tips for creating an outfit that looks great—not that I have much experience with fashion design, but everyday I try to look put together =)

1. Your outfit doesn’t have to be classy to look put together.

You don’t have to be donning a black dress or a suit to have a cohesive, matching outfit. It could simply be a t-shirt and jeans! Just apply styling ‘rules’ or tips to whatever you’re wearing and come up with something uniquely you.

2. You don’t have to have a certain style.

Remember, this is all about putting together an outfit that looks good put together. But you don’t have to have a certain style to do this. I tend to like an elegant style, but on the other hand my sister loves bohemian style! There will be slight differences between the styling of an elegant outfit and a bohemian outfit, but it’s basically just using different pieces of clothing.

3. Pick your pattern.

If you have too many patterns in an outfit, it tends to make it look busy and kind of unstructured. While some bohemian-stylists would think that’s great, generally I prefer to have one or maybe two patterns in an outfit, but mostly plain colors. And if you have more than one pattern in an outfit, pick a large and a small one. Try mixing stripes and a floral, or a really tiny floral and a bigger one. Checkers are good! But generally, checkers on checkers is a bit too much to look at.

4. Color combo.

The same rule applies to colors for me; I generally pick about three colors (total) or maybe four, in an outfit. Again, someone going for a bohemian look would probably throw in a few more =)  Repeat your colors. If (for instance) you have a blue and yellow skirt (looking at myself!), wearing a yellow top, mix in some more blue in accessories (like earrings, bracelet, necklace, or maybe even scarf). But then I would pick normally one more color (think for shoes or accessories).

5. Accessories.

How many is too many? That’s the question most people ask themselves. I go really sparse as far as accessories. I don’t count sunglasses as an accessory, even though mine are really great =) I normally only wear one accessory, like a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. But then sometimes I’ll pair earrings or a necklace with a bracelet or ring. I normally only have one accessory in a certain area. For instance, if I wear both earrings and a necklace, both my accessories are right around my face, whereas if I wear a necklace and ring, they are a little spread out.

Don’t forget scarves are a great accessory! They can be worn every way imaginable. I’ve seen them worn as headbands, anklets, wristlets, belts, and, of course, tied around the neck in a myriad of ways. Remember the pattern and color tips and don’t go overboard.

One more thing (accessories are such a big deal I have lots to say!) is most of the pieces of jewelry I wear are very neutral. I generally prefer silver jewelry, with very simple designs. It looks great with just about everything! However, I have seen people pull off very stunning outfits with statement necklaces–it’s really left up to preference =)

6. Adding in shoes.

Same thing with shoes, I have neutral pairs instead of patterned. Your shoes fall into the tips for pattern and color, though. If you have patterned shoes, only have one other pattern in your outfit. Shoes are normally a third color for me, so sometimes I’ll pick my accessories to match my shoes. I find that shorter skirts (or pants) look good with flats, but if you have a longer skirt / pants, heels look better. If you wear flats with a long skirt, you kinda look like you lost your feet, not that I haven’t done it before =)

7. Can’t forget layers!

Layering clothes looks great, plus it has the added bonus of going for a wide range of temperatures. It might be a vest, a jean jacket, or a sweatshirt, or sweater. You could even have more than two layers. Neutral colors are really fun to layer, like black, white, and gray; try to keep the layers on the inside the thinnest, and most fitted, because that will help the subsequent layers lay flat and not wrinkle up.

Well, that’s all I can think of =)

What styling tips do you have? Leave a comment!


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