More for Minimalism!

I could not resist; with Minimalism the new more is less, but when it comes to articles about minimalism, well,…..that’s a different story.

Learn how you can reduce stress with your money, home, and life by simplifying. Learn how you can make this year your best ever.:

If you’re just looking to simplify and not even go all-out minimalist, this post is inspiring. Nobody enjoys a crowded lifestyle; maybe it’s time you did some simplifying!

Check out her great post here : How to Simplify Your Life

What We Can Learn From Minimalism. A Guide To Minimalist Living.:

Things we can learn from minimalism? Sure!

Here’s some great ideas / tips / benefits of minimalist living, and how you can apply them to your life.

Find the guide here : What We Can Learn From Minimalism

Or maybe you want to try this 30-day minimalist challenge?

I think most of the ideas are great, and would apply some to daily life!

*Some I already do, in fact*

Check it out!

30 day minimalist challenge / some of these would be good all the time!:

What tips or ideas do you have about minimalism? Leave me a comment =)


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