The Difference Between “Being” and “Having”

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This world is in some kind rat-race to get. Everyone wants to have more, they want to exceed everyone else with their possessions.

They want to have the best, the most valuable, the most of all, and often at the cost of not only money, but relationships, time, character, and everyone else around them.

Does this seem to make sense? I mean, there is a lot of faulty logic to this getting (and having).

Some of the main points of the faulty logic are these:

1. Having does not enhance you or make you of more value.

2. What good does it do for you to spend all your time working, to get more things, if you will never be able to use the things because you’re working to keep them up?

3. Someday (and I’m not being weird or anything, but the truth is), we are going to die, and then the stuff, the things, will not do us any good. We can’t even take them with us!

4. And then there’s the fact that if your relationships suffer because of stuff, you’re going to be one lonely person. Just a lonely person with a lot of stuff!

To me, a life of getting and having does not make much sense.

On the other hand, a life of being does.

Think of the Bible. God doesn’t tell us to get or have possessions.

He does tell us to get things like wisdom, but most often He uses the word be.

He tells us to be kind, He tells us to be holy, He tell us to be like Him.

What we are in this life is important even in the life to come.

Being is getting to the very core of ourselves; being is important to relationships.

Who we are will affect the world much more than anything we have.

These are just some thoughts =)

What do you think?



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