10 Epic Budget Destinations (reblog from thriftynomads)

10 Epic Budget Destinations!:

If you haven’t seen this post, check it out.

Who doesn’t like to spend less and still get a great experience?

And while I haven’t yet traveled (I know, I know–it’s on my list!), I know I would not be one to spend recklessly.

But just because I wouldn’t be able to afford a crazy time doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to have fun.

The thing about traveling for me would be getting an accurate sense of a country, the people there, life in a different world, basically.

I wouldn’t want to spend time shopping at tourist-centered gift shops and info centers!

So, I’m just gathering up tips on having an interesting time on a budget from travelers who have been there, done that, so hopefully someday¬† I will put all this information to good use!

Here’s the post, check it out : 10 Epic Budget Destinations for 2016 (& their costs)


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