More Minimalist Inspiration

Here are the newest minimalism posts I’ve gained inspiration from (and yes, I am working through as much of my life as I possibly can for one still at home with 8 other people 🙂 )

Are you always cleaning out your home? Find ways to keep out clutter for good: 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need (and how to avoid them): 7 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need

We all get this feeling sometimes like we don’t really need to buy something, but somehow we justify it….these are the justifications we tell ourselves and the problems with them.

Home office design idea with sleek wooden surfaces and minimalistic overtones:

24 Minimalist Home Office Design Ideas For a Trendy Work Space

These are REALLY cool! Clean, simple, and soooo stylish. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with at least a couple of them.

How to turn unemployment into a journey towards minimalism where less stuff and relationships with others take priority...:

The Beginning of my Minimalist Journey

She poses a really good list of reasons why she began being a minimalist. It’s great to read other people’s stories so you can realize that whatever you want to change can actually be done!

Hope you enjoy these posts =)




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