Fashion Inspiration : karebearbeauty

Okay, so I was glad to see my friend on Polyvore!

We share a sense of fashion, so I thought I’d bring to your attention a really cute outfit of hers.

This is semi-casual and is an outfit I’d wear anytime even though she’s labeled it “Teacher” =)

I love, love, love the striped shirt. Also the color of the sweater.

The shoes I would have a little shorter (don’t like such high shoes 🙂 ).

The purse/ bag is classy and simply stylish.




Check out the rest of her fashions here :

Tiny House Love



Oooh, sometimes I just go crazy looking at all the adorable tiny houses out there!

Here’s a couple tiny houses and small spaces that I LOVE!

Check ’em out!

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When It’s Raining On Your Life


I can see the rain pouring down outside of our windows. Here on the East Coast, it feels like a tropical storm.

I always tend to get slightly depressed by rainy days. I don’t know why, because I love the way everything outside turns so bright, vivid green after a shower.

But it’s the same way with rain in our lives. Don’t you ever have a rainy day? Where something is ruined, something is spoiled, and it just makes you miserable?

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*Blog Posting*

As I am trying to find a simpler life, free from other people’s expectations and from what I think other people expect of me, and not depending on the internet so much, I have decided to cut down posting on my blog to a couple days a week.

Since everyone who posts every other day posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ve decided to post Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so you’ll have something to read on those days 🙂

I love posting on here and thanks to all who are following me!!

But it’s too demanding to post every day and I don’t want to spend all my day on the internet. I want to get off the internet and really live, and put to use some of the ideas and inspiration that I’ve found on here!

Thanks to all the followers, commenters, and people who will keep up on what I’m posting–Megan =)






How to use the KonMari Method as a Twenty-Something (Reblog)

As a twenty-something, you probably don't have a home full of junk just yet. And that's why your 20s are the PERFECT time to start using the KonMari Method. Click through to learn how! #minimalism:

First off, I have to start by saying that I’m not even twenty yet. However, the same principles apply–I don’t have a whole house full of stuff, I only have a room (actually, half a room!).

And while I don’t agree with everything I’ve heard about the KonMari method–and I have yet to read her book–(I mean, things don’t have feelings so why thank them for their service?) I agree that paring down, getting rid of excess baggage (that literally weighs us down) and avoiding the consumerism-mindset of today is important.

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Recipe : Spring Onion and Zucchini Rigatoni

Creamy Spring Onion and Zucchini RigatoniIs it okay to post a recipe that you haven’t tried yourself?

Because this rigatoni just looked too good to pass by without drawing attention to it!

I haven’t made it myself  ( 🙂 ) but it sounds amazing. What’s not to like?

The perfect thing for a summer night, it’s light and showcases vegetables (they’re not just a side).

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