Looking Back : Things I’ve Learned in the Past Year


Whenever we reach an important moment in our life, however small (important things can be small), we tend to view it as a ‘pausing point’; we look back at where we’ve been before we turn to where we are going.

I thought it’d be fun to write a couple things I’ve learned in the past year. I DO have a sense of humor, so I’ll add some little things to my list….and you’ll get to know a bit more about me by reading this 🙂

*These are in no specific order*

  1. Love a lot. You never know when someone will step out of your life, so make sure they know that you love them–because that’s something people will take with them their whole life.
  2. Read a variety of books–it will confirm some of the opinions you already have and open your mind on other subjects.
  3. Laughing is healthy. Which is good, because I laugh a lot 🙂
  4. Give a little of your time to a good cause. They will appreciate it greatly!
  5. Open your Bible every day. If you miss a day, you’re hindering the most important relationship in your life.
  6. Don’t be afraid to put yourself “out there”; God gave you your talents for a reason, so use them!
  7. Buy Talenti gelato. Lots of it. You won’t be sorry =D
  8. Repeating Bible verses to yourself about your importance to God when you’re feeling insignificant helps you stop your negative thinking.
  9. You’d probably save money buying popcorn in 50lb. bags if you’re going to eat it pretty regularly.
  10. The movies “Return to the Hiding Place”, “Beyond the Mask”, and “Do You Believe” are pretty darn inspirational. Watch them!
  11. Apologize after arguing as soon as you’ve cooled off. Even if you still hold your opinion, apologize for blowing up about it. It will keep you from stewing all day and help your relationship.
  12. God holds the future, and whatever  circumstances you find yourself in, it’s His BEST for you. It might not make you happy, it might build your character, but it’s right where He wants you, so enjoy it. Your life will change and you won’t be able to go back. Enjoy where you are!

So those are some things I’ve learned this year.

What about you?


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