Paint Chip “Smash Book”


These are always fun to make!

If you have extra paint chips around, or you can ask for them at stores, or buy them online,  you can make one.

This is a little book of inspirational quotes I made for a new friend who just graduated.

I made it with a girly, chic feel to match her.


It is really easy to make one!

I use the long paint-chip-strips, and make a page 3 strips tall.

You can round the edges or leave them square. (we used fancy-pattern scissors).


Next you can decorate the pages. I try to keep a kind of theme by repeating papers, a kind of ribbon or lace, stickers, or page design.

You can add anything you can think of (like scrapbooking)

Stickers, different papers, lace, ribbon, cardboard cutouts, glitter, and the list goes on!

I make mine inspirational-quote books but you can add pictures for a type of mini-scrapbook.


After you decorate the pages, glue two together (back to back) and punch a hole for the album ring in the top corner.

Put the pages on the ring and you’re done!

*these are only a couple of the pages I put in*



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