Decluttering : Ideas for Letting Go


Decluttering and Minimalism go hand in hand. In order to be a minimalist, you have to weed out all the things in your life (possessions and mindsets and habits) that keep you feeling “cluttered”.

But that doesn’t mean you have to become minimalist just because you want to declutter. For many people decluttering is just something they do every now and again to keep themselves sane (although not to the extent that most minimalists do).

Because, the thing is, Minimalism is keeping only the important things in your life, the basics, while decluttering is getting rid of things that are out of place or confining you, but decluttering could be way less to one person and way more to another. It’s what’s comfortable to you.

Here’s  two things about decluttering (with minimalism in mind) that might help you:

Decluttering your home is obviously a big part of embracing minimalism - but there is more to the conversation. In this list,  I’m looking at ideas and mindsets that aren’t contributing to my life and could use letting go >> A list of things to declutter (that aren't 'things')

15 Things to Declutter That Aren’t Things

I highly recommend LightbyCoco’s channel to anyone wanting to be minimalist!


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