My Projects + A Download


This is my latest project; a watercolor card for Mother’s Day.

It was very easy to create; all I did was paint a few light colors of watercolor in random patterns on a watercolor card (wet in wet). Then I took my amaza pens and drew a freehand flower over it (when it was dry!) with some lines thicker than others that imparts a kind of Chinese calligraphy feel to it.

I also used my pens to write a message inside. Voila, done!

My next project (a download) is a wall poster to brighten things up a bit!

Again using my favorite pens, and  crayons (never underestimate a simple crayon), I first stenciled the word “Rejoice” with pencil, and then adding flowers in the foreground, then drew it in.

Print it if you like!


I think you’ll have to first right click and then “save”; print as picture full-size page.



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