Dealing with Our Desires


There is a time in our life, for everyone, where we really want something. Most of us constantly want something.

Most of us are constantly searching for that ever-elusive thing that we absolutely need.

So, how do we deal with these desires of ours?

1. Be grateful for what we’ve already got.

I love this quote:

 : We have to realize that we’ve gotten some of our desires already; if we don’t appreciate what we’ve got when we have it, it was a wasted desire.

And what we’ve got is life, folks, so if we’re not grateful for what we have, we will be miserable. Always miserable.

If you’re miserable with the past desires you have now, you will be miserable with the future desire if and when you get it.

Because life isn’t a matter of what we have, but what we do with what we have.

2. Realize some desires are not for us.

God has given us many blessings, and He loves blessing His children. But instead of just wanting our happiness in this life, He wants our holiness in the life to come.

So, instead of just being interested in what will make us happy today, He wants things to work on our character for the long run.

God has the power to grant things to us or hold them back. I believe He has a specific plan for each of us, and sometimes what we want and want He wants are two different things, because we only see a small picture of life, and He sees the whole thing.

That doesn’t mean God will always hold back the things that you would like. But it’s up to Him, and we have to be guided by Him.

3. Make our desires our goals.

If you have the confirmation from God that what you want is what He wants for you, go for it!

Too many people say they want something and sit back and expect someone to just give it to them, including Christians. You can’t expect God to just always hand you the things for you (remember, character building is His plan!).

God will help you to accomplish  something, but you have to be willing to work hard. You have to be willing to take action.

These are just some thoughts I had on the subject =)

What do you think?



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