Being Positive Online


I am always astounded when I am reading someone’s post and scroll down to the comments–only to find someone ranting on negatively about the post, or sometimes something totally unrelated!

Seriously? Like, it takes time to write out a comment of that length–and you are taking the time, space, and feeling to write something that will hurt someone else?

I think it’s easy on the internet to just think of people as “profile pics”. You know a little about them, you see their smiling face–but you have no actual contact with them, so they kind of seem surreal.

We need to realize there is an actual person behind each post, each picture, each comment.

We need to be positive about what we’re posting and what we’re commenting.

Just because you have that picture of your friend being stupid doesn’t mean she wants it spread all over the internet–right?

I don’t think all the negativity online is with the commenters! Make sure you’re post is positive.

Also make sure you’re comments are positive. And comment! If you thought something nice when you read that person’s post, leave them a comment telling them what you liked!

I know when I get comments or likes it makes my day!

(Check out this post from Joshua Becker: Compliments Are Free )

We also need to realize people who comment negatively need to be treated with positivity.

If people are letting out their anger in that way, about something that doesn’t even affect them, they are probably really hurting about something.

Instead of telling them, “What’s your problem? Lay off!” like we might FEEL like doing, there is something to realize:

Positivity creates more positivity.

Attitudes rub off. Reply to a hateful comment with grace. Maybe that will be the last hateful comment that person leaves for the day because of the way you responded =)

Let’s all go spread some positivity around!!



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