Packing Tips for Your Big Trip


You may think I’m weird for writing travel posts when I’ve never traveled; I’m hoping on going one day and I’m glad for all of you getting ready to go!

I want to help you have the best time you can, so I merely gather information from real travelers (not myself *sigh*) to make it easily accessible to you.

Now, even though I’ve never traveled, I know from the small road trips I’ve taken–packing is VERY important! (you don’t want to travel from the USA to Italy only to discover you forgot the outfit you’ll be wearing the most!)

And you certainly want to make sure your breakable items don’t break, you can make it through airport security without having to unpack everything, and that you save some room for “souvenirs” on your way back.

Here’s some tips (from the experts) on packing; what to pack, how to pack, and the like.

                17 Incredible Family Travel, Hotel & Road Trip Hacks
                17 Incredible Family Travel Hotel and Road Trip Hacks

Yeah, it has some non-packing tips, but it has really good packing tips too, so read it!

The Best Travel Gear for 2016

9 Must-Have Travel Products for 2016

Outfit Posts: outfit posts: packing carry-on tote for a long flight: Packing Carry-On Tote

Sprint Through Security With These Tech-Packing Tricks:

Tech Carry Packing Tips

What are your favorite packing tips?


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