Dressing Up Your Bedroom (3 Roundups)

ikea-bedroom-hacks29 IKEA Hacks to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

I found this roundup the other day, and it’s marvelous

Whether you want to dress up your headboard or just add a pop of color, add just the right end table, or maybe you just want to gain some inspiration.

Well, after reading that post, I found a few others worth at least a look.

Nine Creative Ways to Use String Lights in the Bedroom

This is a great roundup for finding someway to work in string lights. Don’t ask me why, I’m going crazy about it. I don’t even have string lights in my bedroom (actually, I have a small, multicolored strand around my window), but I just love them! *sigh*

How to Create a Dream Bedroom on a Budget

Ah, we all could use this one…couldn’t we? Great, nifty ideas for adding a little something.

I’m so feeling an itch to create a masterpiece of a bedroom. Unfortunately, I’ve only half a room right now (sharing with my sister who has completely different taste in décor), so most redecoration will have to wait.

Have fun and do something creative!

Check out my pinterest board for more decorating ideas: A New Inside



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