Pausing to Reflect


Taken on a trip in 2014, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, CT


I realized the other day that lately my blog has been re-posts, re-pins, the like, and I wanted to bring it back to some of my own thoughts–the same with pictures. I want to use my own pictures (unfortunately, I haven’t taken any pictures in a long time, so all the ones in this post are old!).

Last evening was just so beautiful, the smell of mown grass, the sky brushed with pink as the sun set.

Beautiful moments like that always make me pause and reflect on life.

In this life where people are caught up in consumerism and prestige and fame and whatnot, I want to have a life that is slow enough for me to really enjoy where I am at the moment.


I want to treasure the people God has given me in my life, my family and friends; I want to enjoy and use the talents God has given me to make other people’s days beautiful;  I want to be able to notice the person who needs a little something, whether it be money, a helping hand, or just a word of encouragement, so I can fill that need.

I want to surrender my life, my circumstances to God and live in the peace and joy that knowing Him brings.

God has blessed me recently by helping me to cut down on negative thinking, and while I still have moments of negativity, they’ve been much less lately.

I think the key was that I was worried that I was missing something in life. I thought I should be something more than I was, that I deserved something and was not getting it.

When God brought my attention to this verse : “The LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” (Psalm 84:11) I realized how I had been going wrong.

If I am following Him, God will give me what is the very best for me at that moment. I am here to accomplish His purpose, and He will do that as long as I am willing.

I can trust Him with my life, today and the future. And that brings me peace.

Here’s a song that I adore along those lines :



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