Books I’ve Been Reading: I Am Malala

I didn’t know anything about her story before I found this book. It came up recommended on Amazon while I was looking at something else.

I must admit, I was drawn in by the beautiful cover, the colors, and Malala’s inspiring face.

I got excited to read it when I started reading some of the reviews. I don’t know a lot about life over in the middle east, and especially about the women and girls over there, so I wanted to know more.

I am really enjoying the book! While there’s some political information that kind of went over my head, the book is enjoyable to read and she has many interesting little stories woven in.

I think her story is something every should acquaint themselves with. It is very inspiring and reminds me that one person can make a big difference!

Check out the sample:” target=”_blank”>I Am Malala


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